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10 movies to Binge watch this Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan is an auspicious Hindu festival celebrating the unconditional love between brothers and sisters. We go through each year the same regime of gifting the favorite gift to sisters and brother's wrist engulfed in Rakhis. You can do something new this year. One of the biggest ideas is to watch bollywood movies about the pure relationships between brothers and sisters. Here is a list of 10 movies you should watch:

10 movies to Binge watch this Rakshabandhan
  • Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) Dil Dhadakne Do is a great movie which reinstates the bond between brother and sister. Ranbir Singh goes to extreme limits in order to prevent his sister from his super -orthodox father and hard to convince mother. He supports her like an iron pillar to recover from her failed marriage. He supports her in front of their parents and finally makes her meet her ardent lover Farhan Akhtar. In short, he does whatever he can, so that her sister can remain happy. This film shows the level by which siblings can support each other in tough times. 10 movies to Binge watch this Rakshabandhan
  • Jaane Tu Ya Jane Na (2008) Released in the year 2008, this movie focuses on the life of Aditi and her college sweetheart Jai Singh Rathore a.k.a. Imran Khan. Prateik Babbar plays the role of an artistically gifted brother. He possesses a naturally high sense of intuition. With that he makes Aditi realize who she loves in reality. His guidance which was mostly not given much value in the initial stages of the movie proves to be the final word in the life of Aditi. Another amazing example of Brother Sister relationship in a contemporary setting. 10 movies to Binge watch this Rakshabandhan
  • Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (2002) Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, although not much about brother-sister relationship focuses largely on siblings. The amicable bond between Shah Rukh Khan and his not even blood brother Hrithik Roshan is so strong that later travels seven seas and stays as a paying guest in his own brother's house. He does all this with the single aim of reuniting his family again. He cares how his brother is all happy from outside but inside craving for the bond of a big fat Indian family. This sibling chemistry ultimately forms the crux of the movie. 10 movies to Binge watch this Rakshabandhan
  • Agneepath (2012) In the last decade no other movie shows the bond between a brother and his sister. Hrithik's character cares for the long-lost sibling due to complex family problems. The scene where his sister finally comes to know about the existence of his brother is so heartwarming with tears flowing down the audience's eyes. There are also many scenes in the movie where Hrithik fiercely protects his sisters from all sorts of external entities trying to harm her in every possible way. 10 movies to Binge watch this Rakshabandhan
  • Hum Saath Saath Hain (1998) Who doesn't know the Salman Khan and Saif Ali Starrer movie? Directed by the family saga mastermind none other than Sooraj Badjatya, this movie is an epitome of how family relationships should be formed. The character of Neelam depicts the sister of three brothers. They put their best efforts in a positive manner to save her sister's household and marriage. Back in 1998 it was a big hit with a legendary star cast and the emotions portrayed in a good manner. This movie can be binge watched with your sister and whole family on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. 10 movies to Binge watch this Rakshabandhan
  • Raksha Bandhan (1977) The eponymous movie with the title needs no introduction. The plot of the movie revolves around the relationship of brother and sister. The sister gets a boon from Nagrani to be blessed with a brother. And the brother does everything which can be done for her sister's life. Aasha, the sister, was truly blessed with this kind of brother which is hard to find. Looking to watch a movie on Bhaiya-Behna bonding? This can be a good option for you
  • Fiza (2002) Fiza is a movie released in 2002. Although the movie was a flop on box office at that time, due to its artistic tones. But still this can be a viable option to watch this season of Rakshabandhan. The character of Karishma Kapoor brings back Hrithik from the hellish depths of of terrorism and violence. Whatever good happens in the life of Hrithik Roshan was solely due to the efforts of Karishma Kapoor. Hrithik too fights for her whenever the need arises. 10 movies to Binge watch this Rakshabandhan
  • Bhag Milkha Bhag (2015) Directed by Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra, this movie carries the director's signature tone of fighting against all odds in achieving your goal. In reaching his target to bring gold for India, MIlkha Singh a.k.a. Farhan Akhtar receives unflinching help from his sister played by expert actress Divya Dutta. In feeding her little brother with nutritious food, the unconditional love of a sister towards her brother is clearly apparent. 10 movies to Binge watch this Rakshabandhan
  • Dushman (1998) The entire plot of the movie is based on the bond of twin sisters, played by Kajol. The movie is an edge of the seat thriller with interesting twists and performances which binds you to your seat.The younger sister's love for her sibling and the way she avenges her sister's death makes for a great watch with your siblings. Just keep some tissue papers handy with you, for wiping tears which may come flowing without any warning. 10 movies to Binge watch this Rakshabandhan
  • Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (1994) The movie was a big blockbuster at its time and still remains one of the all time highest grosser of Hindi movie industry. The craze of the movie was huge at its time of release with repeat audiences dominating the crowd. Few people watched it even three and four times in the cinema hall. The success of this movie lies in the depiction of Indian culture and family values. Audience loved the affection, warmth and endearment of relationships portrayed in the movie. The movie touched their hearts with its fabulous depiction of melodrama and emotions.
    In the movie, the character of Madhuri Dixit sacrifices her love for the well being of her sister's family and baby. Audience felt overwhelmed by the immaterial relation which existed between the younger and the elder sister. 10 movies to Binge watch this Rakshabandhan

You can watch it with your family and siblings and relive the golden moments again.

Conclusion: Rakshabandhan is near and you can make it memorable by watching any of the movies of the above list. Just gather your siblings and family, grab a bucket of popcorn and binge watch the awesomeness of good cinema with the festival.