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Raksha Bandhan Festival 2023

Festivals in India are more than just a day of celebration they play a role in easing out the strains in our community and open up avenues of conversation. And what we can say about Raksha Bandhan festival is that it is another such festival that brings communities together. Rakhi is celebrated on the full moon day of Shraavana, fifth month of Hindu year (Usually begins late in July till August.) Raksha Bandhan in Sanskrit literally means "the tie or knot of protection.” And from here begins the ritual where sisters tie a thread to the wrists of their brothers who in return promise to protect her against all evils and difficulties in life. The fact about Raksha Bandhan Festival is that this day celebrates the love between a sister and her brother.

About Rakhi Festival

The sibling bond of love is one of the purest heartfelt emotions in human beings and the best thing about Rakhi festival is that it the joyous day to celebrate this beautiful bond. The thread of love called "Rakhi” is filled with sister's sincere emotion and prayers for her brother's long prosperous life and it is also a symbol of protection and a promise that every brother makes with his sister to protect her from all that is evil.

Rakhi Festival - the bond of love between siblings

It is a day to express love and affection and it plays an important role in strengthening the bond of love between siblings. Rakhi is available in many varieties; it could be made out of a simple cotton/silk thread or could be made out of gold and silver studded with precious stones. Most of the time sisters start preparations for the day way in advance. You can now choose your gifts and sweets early while planning about the Raksha Bandhan festival, online with Aarav Rakhis and indulge into a great variety of products that are economical as well as easy to search for and are backed by assurance of timely deliveries as well.

One thing that can confidently be said about Raksha Bandhan Festivalis that it has been able to bring the country together in numerous ways. The Raksha Bandhan Festival is not only celebrated by biological siblings but in fact surpasses the borders of the immediate family. Rakhi is tied to close friends and neighbours which underlines the need for harmonious social life where everyone lives peacefully as brothers and sisters. The pledge to protect can be taken by all members of community together as they all commit to protect one another. The congregational Rakhi Utsavs were initially introduced by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore to promote oneness and nationalism. Today, these utsavs are organized all over the country from a paddy field in Punjab to a paddy field in Kerala.

Raksha Bandhan festival for about years evolved have grown wider and has evolved in the broader context and is no longer an occasion confined to Hindus or to be between siblings. Priests tie rakhis around the wrist of congregation members, while rakhis are often shared between close friends, some women tie rakhi around the wrists of head of state or social leaders and at times as a respect to soldiers, ceremonies are also held to tie Rakhis to soldiers by women and girls of the community.

Raksha Bandhan Festival is the joyous day when communities come together to celebrate oneness and promise to live happily and in harmony. Therefore such a special day deserves special celebrations. To assist you in making these moments more special we bring for you a whole range of products and items along with service guarantees that will let you enjoy your festival while we worry about making sure that your needs are looked after.