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When is Raksha Bandhan in 2019? - Best Rakhi Muhurat Time

For those who are wondering when is Raksha Bandhan in 2019; the date for Rakhi is Thursday, 15 th of August 2019. Rakhi, the festival that celebrates the love and bond between brothers and sisters falls on the full moon day which is the Shravan Poornima of the Shravan month of the Hindu calendar. The Shravan month of the Hindu calendar is known as the holy month and many festivals are celebrated during this time including the Krishna Janmashtami which marks the birth of Lord Krishna.

Rakhi is a monsoon festival that, besides being a day where the love and relationship between brother and sister, is also celebrated, as per the Hindu beliefs, as the day when all dirt and complexities of life are eliminated and a new hope and prosperity rises in one's life. This also marks the arrival of a good fortune.

Rakhi Muhurat 2019

  • Raksha Bandhan Thread Ceremony Time: (Thursday, 15th August, 2019) Starting from 6:20 AM and ending at 5:59 PM Duration - 11 Hours 39 Mins
  • Best Auspicious Raksha Bandhan Muhurat 2019: The best time to tie a Rakhi is between 2:01 PM to 4:35 PM as per the Raksha Bandhan muhurat.

Why Rakhi celebration vary every year?

  • Rakhi celebration in 2019will be celebrated on Thursday - 15th of August, 2019
  • Rakhi celebration in 2018Sunday, the 26th of August, 2018
  • Rakhi was celebrated in 2017Sunday, the 07th of August
  • Rakhi was celebrated in 2016Thursday, the 18th of August
  • Rakhi was celebrated in 2015Saturday, the 29th of August
  • Rakhi was celebrated in 2014Sunday, the 10th of August

Year by year most wait for this festival which is why it is common for a person to always be curious about when is Raksha Bandhan, (which in the year 2019, is on 15 th August.) The rituals of this festival keep changing as per different communities but in its essence, during this festival, a sister ties a thread of Rakhi on her brother's wrist and prays for his long life whereas in return the brother promises to protect her against all evil and difficulties of life. This bond is celebrated now in India and across the world with the same enthusiasm. This is quite because of the fact that now many Indians have migrated abroad, taking their culture and trends with them.

Though geographical distances have increased, world has become smaller thanks to the internet and social media. It is due to this that more and more online portals have come into existence and also allow shopping with shipping all around the world. At Aarav Rakhi, we offer services across the world where even if you're living at the other end of the world, you can easily send Rakhi to your sibling with just a few clicks.

To be able to send Rakhi online to your sibling living across the world, all you need to do is figure our when is Raksha Bandhan (in 2019, it falls on 15 th August) and a few weeks before that, choose a present for your loved ones, add a gift or sweets and then simply use the safe and secure gateway to make payments and get assured timely delivery wherever in the world you wish to send your Rakhi and presents.

With just a few clicks, cross borders and overcome distances galore and be with your loved ones in a jiffy to enjoy the festival that celebrates and signifies a harmonious relationship between people.