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10 Rakhi Gift Ideas You should Go With

Rakhi is a festival in India celebrated for ages with full joy and vigor. On this auspicious occasion, siblings meet and give their best wishes to each other. It shows the unconditional love between brothers and sisters. Sisters wait for this festival for ages to get wonderful gifts from their brothers. And this festival is approaching fast, with lesser days remaining for the festivities to begin.

On the day of the Rakshabandhan sisters tie the sacred thread around the wrist of their dear brothers. Brothers give them their desired gifts. The happiness and love make the sisters walk on air. They feel overwhelmed with the affection showered on them. The festival has also gone international with some Rakhis travelling across the globe. You can also send rakhi to India via numerous online platforms.

10 Rakhi Gift Ideas You should Go With

Are you are in confusion regarding what to present to your dear sister this time? We are gonna solve your problem here. Here we are offering 10 awesome solutions to your problem. Follow them and watch the face of your sister glow with surprise and real pleasure:

  • Chocolates: Chocolates are the evergreen solution to all your problems. Whenever you are in doubt you can blindly follow the following process. Buy chocolate, wrap it up in a beautiful gift wrap and present it to your sister without any further thought. She will love it. No girl in the world doesn't like chocolates. The cocoa and cream child reduces all anxieties of a person and left them only with a pure feeling of joy. Nowadays there is a great variety of chocolates available in the market. Some of them are milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. You can choose among them as per your sister's likes and present them with her favorite chocolate collection. 10 Rakhi Gift Ideas You should Go With
  • Clothing: You can also present her favourite dress. Girls are crazy about their dressing wardrobe. They spend hours choosing the best piece of attire. They wait for months, saving from their pocket money with the utmost desire to buy their wanted dress. And when they get it from their brother, who is often obnoxious to their sister, and pull her leg on each possible opportunity, the sisters become teary-eyed and realize that how much their brothers love them.
    The best clothing present will be a nice pair of salwar kameez with a catchy Gota Patti work. This will be best suited for this traditional occasion. If you go with fusion wear, you can also gift a pair of Blue Denim and Kameez. 10 Rakhi Gift Ideas You should Go With
  • Mobile Phone: Every girl becomes happy when she sees a brand new smartphone with all new features and a dazzling new better-optimized camera. After all, we all know that the fairer breed is crazy about taking selfies and uploading them daily on their social media accounts. All their gang of girls, talk the whole day about who posted what. They just go Gaga over it. Some of them will even take a selfie at every non-significant event, such is the craze about selfies is. A smartphone fulfils both these tasks: access to social media and getting their hands on a new sunshine pic. Never think twice before giving your little sister a brand new cellphone.
    These days all price ranges of the smartphone are available in the market. You can buy them as per your pocket permits and keeping her necessities in mind. 10 Rakhi Gift Ideas You should Go With
  • Jewellery: Generally girls are quite fond of jewellery. There is a reason why jewels are called dual gift. Firstly, she can wear it. Impress her relatives and friends with its glitter and become the talk of the town. Secondly, it can also serve her in bad times with its huge recovery benefits. A big loss in business or a medical emergency can be easily tackled when you have some tole of gold in your vault.
    For budget buyers, you can put your hands on trendy jewellery. There are loads of them available in the market. You can choose as per your sibling's choice and taste. Girls often match a trendy bracelet, earring or ivory necklace with their contemporary fusion dresses. One example is Jeans and Kameez. A carefully selected piece of trendy jewellery can go with the flow. It can instantly make your sister dancing with joy. 10 Rakhi Gift Ideas You should Go With
  • Cosmetics: You can also buy cosmetic items for your sister. Some of them include nail polish, cleanser, astringent, kajal eyeliner, aroma-therapy, face pack, foundation, blush, bronzer and highlighter. Every girl wants to look good. A makeup toolbox will help her immensely with this herculean task. Do you remember, how Karishma Tanna denied a housemate entry into the Bigg Boss house, just for her makeup kit? This is the level of essentiality of makeup in a girl's kit. Makeup is the fourth necessity for them just like bread, clothing and house. Just kidding! 10 Rakhi Gift Ideas You should Go With
  • Online Shopping: Everyone is shopping online these days. It has become a part and parcel of our lives. You can gift your sister with an online shopping voucher. It worths an equal amount of cash which you'll gift her with an added online option. There are truckloads of gift items available online on multiple websites and apps. The variety she will get online is unparalleled when compared to a brick-and-mortar shop. It also removes any hassles of commuting in polluted and traffic-jammed cities. It saves an additional cost of petrol increasing the worth of the gift.
    She can choose the best gift from these ecommerce stores. This removes any thread of doubt regarding her giving thumbs down to your gift. An online shopping voucher is a good option.
  • Travel Package: Girls are very fond of travelling with their friends. You can plan a tour package to an exotic location and give it to your sister. You can gift them a family package or a friends package. A long trip to the chosen location will give her the much-needed break from her monotonous routine life. It's said that a gift that perishes at the moment is forgotten after some time. You are giving her the memories in a bucket. This gift she'll never forget that her dearest brother gave it to her. It will always be remembered down the memory lane. You'll sit with your family and friends and whenever a gossip session will start, this thing with always be brought to the fore. 10 Rakhi Gift Ideas You should Go With
  • Gadgets: A pile of gadgets are available in the market. Some of them are Fit-watches, hairdryers, headphones, speakers and tablets. You can present her with any of them as per her wishes and requisites. A gadget will make her life easy. It will also add enhancements to her quality of life. Just keep in mind that the gadget must be of premium quality and last a few years for her to savor it fully. 10 Rakhi Gift Ideas You should Go With
  • Customized Gifts: Customized gifts are available in the market by guys who are specialist in the modification process. These can be quite tempting to your sister as it is personalized for her. Some examples of these gifts are customized mugs, trendy shopping bags, or a necklace with her name scribed on it. Key rings with Ganesh Ji on handles can also be a preferred choice.
    These types of personalized gifts will be in daily use by her. And whenever she will utilize it, she'll remember her favorite brother, who gave it to her with an immeasurable amount of affection. 10 Rakhi Gift Ideas You should Go With
  • Cash: You can also provide her with a cash amount. A cash disbursal of 501 or 1101 INR is generally popular in Indian households. This will not generate any grudge in her to you. 10 Rakhi Gift Ideas You should Go With

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