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Regional celebration of Rakhi in India

India being a land of diversities also encapsulates in itself little bondage of love celebrated in the forms of festivals, over different periods of time. We the people of India are divided into different states and union territories but still linked through these festivities.

Most of the people residing overseas, face this problem of urgent coming home but circumstances are not faithful every time. Do not worry your festive spirit should be alive this Rakhi season as we will parcel Rakhi to your brother, the token of your love and make the day memorable to you. Yes, you heard it right! Send Rakhi to India, limitless varieties and free shipping option to all over India with varied flavors are waiting for just one click and get parceled. So what are you waiting for?

Divided by land, Merged by Celebrations Rakhi is a festival, of all Generations

The popular festival of the Hindu folk, which circumscribes the eternal bond between brothers and sisters of all ages, Rakhi is celebrated with an ultimate feeling of Joy, among the male and female folks of India. On the occasion, the rituals are performed by putting a tika aka Tilak on the brothers head and tying Rakhi on the wrist. To complete the rasam, the brother promises to protect her sister from all odds, along with some mandatory to bring gifts to their beloved sister or even cash.

Covering the belt of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, and following Rakhi is celebrated auspiciously and with great affection. People wake up early and take a bath to prepare for the fonded affair. Different areas have varied taste and preferences over the designs and colors of Rakhi.

Send Rakhi to Gujarat

The Gujarati people are very fond of colors, so they prefer having different colors on their wrist and the clothes that they wear. The vibrant colors of Gujarat define the sweet nature of the Gujarati's. The people there are lovers of art and culture. Navratri is celebrated very lovingly by people of Gujarat. Girls and ladies get wrapped in colorful ghagra-choli admiringly purchased by them at the approach of the occasion.

Likewise, people celebrate the Rakhi season. Months before the Rakshabandhan, the butchers and the store shopkeepers set their stock of Rakhi for those sending to any other place, or even overseas. pom-pom Rakhi, stone Rakhi, color crystal flower Rakhi, Designer and gota Rakhi are the main delights here.

Send Rakhi to Punjab

The Punjabis, as much as they love the food they love to perform the traditions of India. The Punjabi's are very sentimental about emotions and celebrates the festivals with huge grace and scale. Though Punjabi's are also colorful, they embrace the beauty of light called chatak colors in their local language. Together they prefer to have weight in their belongings, in terms of class and look.

The stonework Rakhi, jewel Rakhi, Pearl based Rakhi, Diamond Rakhi, Bracelet Rakhi, etc can be of more prominence here.

Send Rakhi to Rajasthan

Keeping a close touch to culture and its formatives, the people here are most likely to follow traditions as they are served. So culture love is deeply seated here. Following that the Rakhi is also celebrated with great joy. But the traditions here are the ideals of Rajputana's and the Marwari's. So influential to that, the people here also love to keep their status elite, purchasing jewel Rakhi but still, the gota/ zari is the traditional proud of the state.

Zardozi Rakhi, Gota Rakhi, Resham Thread, Meenakari, Antique beaded Rakhi and the like are mostly the stars here. Lumba Rakhi is also the main highlight.

Send Rakhi to Uttar Pradesh

I often heard people saying that the people of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab are very fond of food and sweets. People here love both, one is food and the other is clothing. The sisters here are very likely to purchase the Rakhi that is smart and colorful as well as weighted. On the occasion, every single home will hear the bell, coming home their dozens of relatives to celebrate the occasion. Here, you can't differentiate the crowd of Rakhi from that of a Shaadi season, because every member of each house will definite their return on the festival.

Jewel Rakhi, silver Rakhi, Bracelet Rakhi, Stone Rakhi, Kundan Studded Rakhi, Crystal Rakhi shines the brother's wrist here.

Send Rakhi to Kerala

Being the education city of India, with the highest number of literates, people here do not go for showcasing or weighed status. The people here prefer to go for simple material, both in terms of Rakhi, and clothing. That's why the sparkling crystal, or diamond-studded are not favored here, as they believe that,

'Simplicity is the best human attire which magnifies beauty at its best.'

Mauli Rakhi, Traditional thread Rakhi, Sandalwood Rakhi serves the flavor of the season here. Bracelet Rakhi is also preferred in some parts.

Send Rakhi to Kolkata

Well-known for its Grand Colonial Architecture, Kolkata possesses a satirical beauty in the form of art galleries and cultural festivals. With such grandness in the city, people there also favor grand choices. Be it in terms of clothing, luxury, jewels or festivals, people there prefer eminent choices and association of striking features. Heavy celebrations call for fancy sophistication, and Bengali spent lavishly on everything then Rakhi is also not spared from the amazing intricacies and Royal finish.

Designer Diamond studded Centered Rakhi, Metal AD, Chain Rakhi, Luxurious Zigzag Bracelet Pattern and Jewel Golden are chosen the most here.

Send Rakhi to Mumbai

Mumbai is a mixture of religions and people of different religions. People from different parts of the world, migrate to this city of seven islands. Mumbai is the friendliest of all, as it shelters home to every type and variety of religion. We can see a glimpse of every culture of India in this dream city of Mumbai. Though migrants move to their native places every season, still there are many have accepted the land to be their home-town, due to living here since ages. Being the mixture of culture and people around here, it is difficult to categorize on the taste and preferences of people. So, here every Rakhi is given equal likings.

Though the typical Maharashtrian families prefer, not to exhibit the status of culture and class, unlike the Delhites. So Lumba Rakhi, Stone Rakhi, Mauli Rakhi, colored peacock and beaded, everything is preferred here, in accordance with the pocket size.

Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat ho ya Rajasthan Tyohar dale Rishton me jaan.

Therefore, through the above context, we came across different religions and their tastes and preferences. We saw how one single festival can unite a country and its people. This is what the ancient history and culture of India signify, that we stand united, not just in case of national danger, but also through these festivals and culture, which though might be sometimes different or differently celebrated but is respected by all.